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Reincarnation: AHH Guide

2010-05-05 17:49:52 by RetroCo

1 Medal, 10 points

DON'T FEED THE BEARS (10pts) - Beat the game.


1. Click flowers.
2. Click metal spoon.
3. Click beehive quickly.
4. Go to right screen.
5. Click key in hillbillie's pocket.
6. Click lock on outhouse.
7. Click door.
8. Close door.
9. Go the left screen.
10. Click axe.
11. Click beehive.
12. Click berry bush.
13. Go to right screen.
14. Click bucket on well.
15. Go to left screen.
16. WATCH THE HORROR, and get a medal!

-RetroCo :D

Pico's Ludo Vengeance Guide

2010-05-04 20:32:17 by RetroCo

9 Medals, 405 points

NOTE: Mailbox medal was a test medal, it is not counted.


REGRET (5pts) - Touch your own house

CATCH UBERKID (25pts) - Once you recieve a pok'eball from the trainer, go to the grass are west of the storage area. Walk in it and move left until you go into a battle scene. Then select, catch in pok'e ball.

SAVE A UNICORN'S DIGNITY (25pts) - Once you feed the hobo the burger, take the thing (unicorn horn,) back to the start, then head directly up and you will find the unicorn.

MAGIC PICO MAN (50pts) - Once at the gas station (two screens left of the hobo area,) go where the gas owner is/was and move down.

MAKE AN OLD MAN HAPPY (50pts) - At the start, continue left until you reach the man and his tractor, grab the pile of sheep wool and go to the gas station. There, talk to the old bald man.

WIN (100pts) - Beat the final boss in the storage house.

SECRET MEDAL 1 (50pts) - Hint: The ladies LOVE flowers that are HUGE.

SECRET MEDAL 2 (50pts) - Hint: Find the easter egg where the one who shoots eggs lies.

SECRET MEDAL 3 (50pts) - Hint: When you die, check out heaven a while.


Note: There are multiple ways to start the game, so here's one route...

1. Hit you house. Go east from your house until you see a farmer with a tractor, collect the wool pile by one of the sheep.
2. Go west one screen to the dog on the leash.
3. Head north until you get to the McFatties and Book Store.
4. Enter the McFatties store.
5. Talk to the fat guy in the bottom-right corner.
6. Now you have a burger.
7. Leave the McFatties.
8. Go south to the hobo and talk to him.
9. Now you have a unicorn horn.
10. Return home.
11. Head north and talk to the unicorn.
12. Now you have $100 an a medal.
13. Return to the hobo spot.
14. Go west until you reach the gas station.
15. Talk to the old, bald man.
16. Now you have another medal.
17. Go to the relaxing gas vendor.
18. Go south.
19. You have another medal.
20. Go back to the gas station.
21. Go west.
22. Go north.
24. Go back tot he hobo.
25. Go south.
26. Talk to the flower girl.
27. Now you have yet another medal.
28. Go back to the McFatties screen.
29. Talk to the Pok'emon kid.
30. Now you have a Pok'eball.
31. Go the the hobo.
32. Go west.
33. Move through the grass on the upper-left.
34. When you get into the battle mode, select catch.
35. When caught, take the Pok'eball back to the Pok'emon kid.
36. Now you have a comic book.
37. Go to the book store.
38. Talk to the book store owner.
39. Now you have a book on how to get rich.
40. Go back to the gas station.
41. Talk to the slacker gas vendor.
42. Follow him into his store.
43. Talk to him.
44. Now you have gas, lol.
45. Go back to the farmer and his tractor.
46. Talk to him.
47. Now you have a shovel.
48. Go back to the gas station.
49. Go west.
50. Go over one of the graves in the top-left.
51. Now you have a bone.
52. Go back to the dog.
53. Talk to the dog.
54. Now you have a yo-yo.
55. Go to the storage place.
56. Talk to the gaurds.
58. Let the funky chicken kill you once.
59. When in heaven, go east.
60. Now you have met god and got a medal.
61. Return to the stairs.
62. Go down stairs.
63. Go back to storage room.
64. During the middle of the fight, the chicken will fire a colorful egg, go touch it quick.
65. Survive until the chicken explodes (Don't forge to collect the easter egg!)

-RetroCo :D


2010-04-14 21:10:16 by RetroCo

I know I haven't posted any art recently, but here is a new addition! Come see! :3


2010-02-15 15:54:25 by RetroCo

Need one? Leave a link! :D

Check It Out!

2009-12-19 16:37:47 by RetroCo

I haven't posted much art lately, but here the new collection is! Please comment! On my art! :D


2009-11-30 16:58:17 by RetroCo

Please Review My Art!!!!!

Fav Madness Charcter?

2009-11-11 14:39:31 by RetroCo

Please leave the name and or picture of your favorite Madness character! Thanks! Ya! ^_^

Please Review My Art!

2009-10-13 17:56:08 by RetroCo

I was just starting my pixel art line and was wondering how you like them! Please live helpful reviews! Thanks! ^_^


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Reviews, anyone?

2009-10-10 14:24:51 by RetroCo

Hello! I am avalible for in-depth reviews in any of your flashes! Just leave the URL of your flash! Thanks ^_^!